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Swin with dolphins in the ocean and keep Exploring with these exiting programs

Prepare yourself to hold hands with the dolphin, and then it will take you for a journey that was once every kid’s dream.
50 minutes
Immerse yourself in the aquatic world of dolphins, and do it in style.
60 minutes
Turn yourself into an EXTREME EXPLORER by taking part in 3 amazing adventures in Punta Cana.
0 minutes
Sea Explorer
Discover one of the most unique experiences, walking underwater, in comfort, and you won`t even get your hair wet.
40 minutes
All humans are born with an extraordinary impulse for exploration that, without doubt, has made possible the most important discoveries of our continuing evolution.
0 minutes
Fur Seals Encounter
Cuddle up close for a memory to last a lifetime. Experience their speed and agility as a miniature rocket leaps over your head.
15 minutes
Sharks & Rays Encounter
Feel the thrill as you put your hands on the living body of a shark. Hold a ray on your outstretched palms.
15 minutes
Come and enjoy a Funtastic dolphin experience in Punta Cana.
40 minutes
Dolphin Explorer Cruiser
Feel the emotion as you swim and snorkel with our Sharks and Rays. Meet and swim with our cute Fur Seals.
0 minutes