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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be able to swim to participate in swim programs with dolphins?
No. Dolphin Explorer offers a program called the Funtastic which is ideal for non-swimmers as guests can enjoy all of the interaction while standing on a submerged platform.
What do I need to bring with me for my program?
You will need a swim suit. You should also bring a towel, headgear to protect against the sun, biodegradable sun-screen, sandals or flip-flops that can be used for your comfort in the park and removed before going to the water. Sun glasses and spectacles are allowed during programs provided that they are secured with a head band.
Do I need to bring money with me?
Money will be needed if you wish to purchase extras such as snacks and drinks, photographs and videos, and items from our shop.
Is there a place where I can store my things?
Dolphin Explorer provides secure lockers which are included in the program price.
Is it compulsory to use a life-jacket during the program?
For safety reasons the use of a life-jacket is compulsory for all guests entering the water.
Can pregnant women participate in swim programs?
Women in the first 6 months of pregnancy can participate in the Funtastic program.
Are children allowed to participate in the swim programs?
Each program has specific restrictions with respect to the permitted age of child participants, we invite you to consult the advertised description of each program.
If I have to cancel my program for any reason what is the cancelation policy?
All cancelations made up to 5 days before the program are subject to a bank charge of 10%, if the cancelation is made 4 days or less before the program no refund will be made.
What happens if my flight or cruise is cancelled and I cannot show up for my program?
You should provide us with documentation from the airline or cruise line informing us of the situation, we will then issue a certificate for rebooking your program and valid for one year, or we will refund 90% of the cost and retain 10% to cover the bank charge.
Do I have the right to a refund in the case of cancelation due to bad weather or other motives?
In this case you can rebook your program to enjoy it on another day or we will issue a certificate, valid for one year, plus a discount of 15% for additional reservations.
Can I use my underwater camera to record photos and videos during the program?
For safety reasons the use of cameras of any kind is not permitted during programs.
Are there options for purchasing photos and video of my program?
Dolphin Explorer offers options for the purchase of photos and videos. You can ask our photo and video sales team to assist you in deciding which option suits you best.
Can my friends and family take photos while watching my program?
Of course, but only from a distance as they will be in a special area of the dock designated for observers.
If I do not purchase photos and video on the day of my visit can I purchase them at a later date?
You can do so through our web site, but we do not guarantee that your photos will be in stock. Therefore our suggestion is that you purchase them on the day of your visit.