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5 kinds of dolphins that you didn’t know

There are many different kinds of dolphins, some very big and some very small. Some dolphins live in the oceans and others in rivers. Most scientists agree that there are a least 32 species of marine dolphins and 4 species of dolphins that live only in freshwater rivers but nobody knows for certain just how many species there are. 

Here we mention 5 of the most interesting species:

1- The Ganges river dolphin, also known as the susu, lives in India.

© WWF-Canon / François Xavier PELLETIER

2- The Amazon river dolphin, also known as the boto, lives in the Amazon and Orinoco rivers in South America. The color of this dolphin ranges from a bluish gray color to white. They can also be pink which is very interesting indeed.

Photo source

3-The Indus river dolphin, closely related to the Ganges river dolphin, also lives in India.

Photo source 

4-The Irrawaddy dolphin lives in rivers in Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and India.  Some of them live only in freshwater while others  live in both fresh and salt wáter.

© / Roland Seitre / WWF-Canon

5-The Yangtze river dolphin, also known as the baiji, was once common in the Yangtze river of China. Sadly, none have been spotted since 2006 and they are now believed to be extinct.

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