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10 Interesting Facts about Dolphins

  1. -Dolphins are small toothed whales.
  2. -All dolphin species belong to the family Delphinidae.
  3. -Most dolphin species have a dorsal fin on their back.
  4. -Dolphins have conical shaped teeth.
  5. -Dolphins do not chew their fish, they swallow it whole or in large pieces.
  6. -Dolphins breathe through the hole on the top of their head. This is called the blowhole, or the spiracle.
  7. -Dolphins produce sounds from the blowhole, not from the mouth.
  8. -Dolphins use sound to find their way around in dark or turbid wáter. They can translate the returning echoes of the sounds they make, forming an image in their mind.
  9. -Dolphins are mammals, just like us.
  10. -Dolphins do not sleep like us. They can shut down half of their brain while they rest but the half of the brain that is still active keeps them aware of what is happening around them.